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We provide global forecasts, climate reanalyses and specific datasets, designed to meet different user requirements. These are available via the web, point-to-point dissemination, data servers and broadcasting.

ECMWF’s operational forecasts aim to show how the weather is most likely to evolve. To do this, the Centre produces an ensemble of predictions. Individually they are full descriptions of the evolution of the weather. Collectively they indicate the likelihood of a range of future weather scenarios.

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Our Integrated Forecasting System (IFS) provides forecasts and associated verification at different resolutions and for multiple time ranges. The verification provides essential feedback on the quality of the forecasting system.

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Real-time and archive forecasts, analyses, climate re-analyses, reforecasts and multi-model datasets.

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Monitoring of the observing system

We continually monitor the quality and availability of the different components of the global observing system used at ECMWF.

WREP software interface

The Integrated Forecasting System

Key characteristics of the Integrated Forecasting System (IFS), documentation on specific areas, and description of our forecasts.